Live Steam

It's The Little Puffer at the San Francisco Zoo. It's always hard to get Carter through the zoo before the little train closes at 4pm. Like me, he is prone to detours. But on this cool, almost foggy Saturday or Sunday, we made it for the last ride.

Li'l Puffer

The train is literally a hundred years old, converted from coal to oil maybe 50 years ago, then to compressed natural gas something like 10 years ago, possibly with the restoration that the Golden Gate Railroad Museum did. That beige and black car in the picture is the tender, which carries CNG tanks and water. The train looks and sounds great.

Carter on Merry-Go-Round

Here's Carter on the merry-go-round at the SF zoo. I think this was on a completely different trip, but it represents the kind of time we have at the zoo. I believe he was riding the carnivorous vampire pig.



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