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I never thought I’d have to say. . .

May 30, 2006

Don’t brush the cat with your granola bar!


I know gumballs

May 16, 2006

A week ago, we went to the little parking lot carnival a couple of blocks away. Carter's favorite "ride" was the Shrek obstacle course/funhouse/slide that was completely toddler powered and cost $2.50 per trip through, even with the discount tickets. (I'd say it was for a good cause, but it's actually for the neighborhood Catholic school.) He tore through half our tickets in about 15 minutes of running through that "Again! Again!" so I diverted him to the ferris wheel, rotary swings, and other rides that I thought were at least sort of worth the money. Finally, we were out of tickets, and I had just enough money for a $2 ticket to the inflatable "big bounce." He spent probably an hour there, finally falling over exhausted. Tired, happy little boy

I think I should have stuck him in the $2/hour ride first, instead of the $60/hour Shrek "ride."

This evening I was sitting at the computer when Carter came zooming out of the hall. "Dad, Dad! I peed in the toilet!"

"That's so great, Carter! You've stayed dry all day today! You can have a treat. What do you want for a treat?"

"Uh. . ."

Lindsay: "Do you want a doobie pop?"


L: "Do you want a piece of cheese?"


I try not to tease him too much, since kids aren't supposed to get sarcasm until age 8 or something, but I couldn't resist, "Do you want a spanking?"

Carter: Blank look.

Lindsay: "Do you even know what a spanking is?"

Carter wiggles his hips around as he thinks for a while. "I don't know what dat is." Pause. "I know gumballs!"