I never thought I’d have to say. . .

Don’t brush the cat with your granola bar!


2 Responses to “I never thought I’d have to say. . .”

  1. jocbossilin Says:

    Never use anything such as yummy (like a granola bar) to brush a cat! Give the granola bar to me! yum yum!!

  2. taylortravis68698 Says:

    u039au03b1u03bbu03b7u03c3u03c0u03adu03c1u03b1,u039fu03b9 u03bau03b1u03c4u03b1u03bbu03aeu03c8u03b5u03b9u03c2 u03c4u03c9u03bd u03a0u03b1u03bdu03b5u03c0u03b9u03c3u03c4u03b7u03bcu03afu03c9u03bd u03bcu03b1u03c2 u03b5u03bcu03c0u03bfu03b4u03afu03b6u03bfu03c5u03bd u03b1u03c0u03cc u03c4u03b7u03bd u03c0u03c1u03ccu03c3u03b2u03b1u03c3u03b7 u03c3u03c4u03b9u03c2 u03c8u03c5u03c7u03bfu03c3u03c4u03b7u03c1u03b9u03bau03c4u03b9u03bau03adu03c2 u03c4u03bfu03c5u03c2 u03c5u03c0u03b7u03c1u03b5u03c3u03afu03b5u03c2:-( Click http://link.mx/hool08200

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